Monday, December 19, 2022

K.A.C. 2022 - T - 06 Days ...


     Welcome back to our Monday edition of the K.A.C. This LIFE cover from December, 1926, made me laugh. It took me a few moments to see the whole thing. At first I thought it was just a nice, stylish cover, until I looked closer and put two and two together. Hidden among the boughs the of tree is the the words 'There Is A Santa Claus', and what I took at first for a microphone in our cute flapper's right hand is actually a Christmas stocking, and in her left hand is a fulsome check from her 'gentleman admirer' (click on the picture for a larger version). HAHAHAHA !!! 😆

     It's Christmas Potpourri Day here, a good place to put all the miscellaneous items I've found, but didn't match any other items I had planned. So today's their chance to shine (Not to worry, Justin von Bosau returns tomorrow with his five-day wrap up of his reviews of the various films based on A Christmas Carol). 

     First up are two articles regarding 1992's The Muppet Christmas Carol.  We start with an interview with Sir Michael Caine and his reason for agreeing to be in the film.


      And because we're all about balance here, take a read about what HAPPENED to the cast over the years. Guaranteed to get rid of that happy smile on your face!



     Next, the folks from Den Of Geek explore the history of Christmas Ghost Stories, with guest Jeff Belanger. I've sat in on a number of his Zoom talks and he's always entertaining and knowledgeable on all things ghostly, and this Christmas edition is no exception:  



Well, enough ghostly shenanigans for now. We'll have our own annual Christmas ghost story to share on our last day here. Let's take a look at something equally scary: 20 Bad Vintage Christmas Ads. The look of absolute glazed terror in this poor woman's eye as she contemplates an endless future of Christmas Spoons says it all here, I think. Only for the brave!


     We'll conclude with a new trend that's been making the rounds these last few months: AI Art. There's already been some amazing pieces come out, imagining retro sci-fi films that were never made, and now comes 'Vintage Christmas Photos' - this is wild stuff here! Check out Geoffrey Hudson's link to them below - and look at ALL the photos! Thanks to Debbie for the heads-up on these!


     Back tomorrow as we begin the Final Five!

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