Monday, December 12, 2011

K.A.C. 2011 - T - 13 ...

     Two weeks to go, my Mistletoe Mashers! With the clock rapidly counting down and all the last-minute shopping, etc., that you need to do, remember to take time out to eat ... and what could be better to nosh on than this Christmas delicacy from Greenland, a yummy rotten auk? (Well, a whole LOT of things, actually) - think I'm kidding? Oh, no - read on!

     "A food that is traditionally eaten at Christmas in Greenland is Kiviak, or rotten Auk. Yes, something that would give quick weight loss  if presented as the only Xmas fare to most people. The whole dead Auk (bird) is wrapped in a seal skin and buried under a rock and left out in the snow and frost for a few months. Then at Christmas it is dug up and all the rotten guts removed and the skin eaten, it is said to taste very tangy and smells of Stilton cheese."

     YUM, right? It's just ONE of '15 Insane Xmas Traditions' that can be found by our good friends at! What else can you expect to find on the list? Well, there's the Good Luck Pig's Jawbone of Greece (seen at right), the Burning Goat of Sweden and the Grey Mare of Wales ... all this and MUCH MORE are here to amaze and confuse you today, for your perusal and approval at the following link:

     Tomorrow we celebrate a Very Special Feast Day ... you LITERALLY won't believe your eyes! Be here!  

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