Tuesday, December 20, 2011

K.A.C. 2011 - T - 5 ...

      If this is somebody's tree, I can't wait to see the presents under it! :) Sadly, our tree has been up for weeks, otherwise I would be petitioning for this amazing Cthulhu Tree in our house ... but perhaps it's not too late for YOU! Well, given that it IS Cthulhu sitting on top of the tree, technically, yeah, it IS too late ... for all humanity. Still if you want to check out more photos before your obliteration, go here! 


     Climbing the walls with nothing to do? Kids driving you crazy? Then you'll adore this link: how to make Star Wars Snowflakes! There's Yoda, Admiral Akbar, C3PO and more! Get some paper and scissors and give it a shot!


     In looking over past K.A.C.'s, I realized I'd forgotten to post one of our annual staples: the weird Christmas comics! Rather than the usual Zombie Santa or Santa With a Hatchet, etc., take a look at Joe Torcivia's 'The Issue At Hand' Blog and his great write-up on why this particular Yuletide Bugs Bunny issue wins top prize!


     More tomorrow!

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