Thursday, December 8, 2011

K.A.C. 2011 - T - 17 ...

     Welcome back ... let this picture at left be a warning to you all! THIS is what happens after SO many years of eating nothing but cookies and milk, cookies and milk, OVER and OVER again, YEAR after YEAR, from EVERY SINGLE KID IN THE WORLD! 

     Welll ... OK, not really! :) Instead, it's one of nine horribly delightful images from a recent report on GOOD MORNING, AMERICA. Entitled '9 Scary Santa Cakes', it shows just a FRACTION of the baked Christmas Confectionary Catastrophes that are let loose from somebody's oven this time of year! And if you're like me, you've just got to see MORE! Well, you're in luck, as these all come from a book by Jen Yates called WRECK THE HALLS: CAKE WRECKS GETS "FESTIVE" - here's the link (and a preview of MORE Cake Wrecks) to (thanks to Debbie for the heads-up on this!) ... 

     Let's turn now from bombastic baked goods to gregarious gifts ... it's time for the annual visit to the Neiman-Marcus Christmas Book! In the 2011 edition of their "I'll never be able to afford this in my lifetime" unique gifts, we find the usual Ferrari (at $395,000) and the $45,000 ping-pong table (yawn!) - the two that caught my eye were the (pictured) $75,000 Dream Folly Fantasy Tent and (my personal favorite) the $125,000 Assouline Custom Built Library! Now THAT'S a cool gift! To see the rest of the best, go here:

     I'm off to go busking for books ... that library's a-callin'! Back tomorrow!

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