Thursday, December 10, 2015

K.A.C. 2015 - T - 15 ...

      It's reader submission day here at the K.A.C., where we turn the page over to the items YOU send in. I saw this one a few days ago (thanks, Peg!) and had to share it. If the joke doesn't come immediately to you, just think of the song's lyrics ...

     Speaking of reindeer, here's a video for you (courtesy of io9) explaining why they're the go-to animals of choice to pull Santa's sled. Enjoy! 

      Up next, Jennifer shared this VERY cute design from the Jambalaya News magazine from Louisiana. Makes total sense to me this is how Santa would get the toys delivered in the bayou! See the original at their link:


      Dave alerted us to the following article, a new look at a topic we've covered before in the early days of the K.A.C. Entitled 'Shaman Claus: The Shamanic Origins of Christmas', it covers a lot of interesting ground. Read all about it here! 


     Ms. Laney sent us (courtesy of Todd Alcott) the solution seen at right if you are on a TRULY tight budget this year, but still want a nativity scene. Voila! 

      Not striking enough for you? Try this on for size! My cousin Heidi sent along THIS news item, about an Ohio man who is facing a $500 per day fine for his display, which includes the 'Zombie Nativity Scene', complete with the Zombie Baby Jesus pictured at left. Read the whole ongoing saga here:

     The New York Times covered this story, as well:

     Too many people to mention sent me the link to the latest Krampus news item. Hey, when National Geographic is covering you, you KNOW you've made it to the Big Time! Way to go, Krampus! 

     We wrap up today's edition with what I'm sure will be your new favorite holiday song! Enjoy the Scottish Falsetto Puppet Sock Theatre's rendition of "Santa's Pants"! Thanks, Joann! 


     Coming Tomorrow: Our annual weird, wild and wonderful shopping list - everything you need for the fanboy or fangirl in your life!

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