Friday, December 18, 2015

K.A.C. 2015 - T - 7 ...

     Our final week begins AND the new Star Wars movie opens today ... soooo why don't we combine the two in a holiday setting? How? May we present the Five Hour loop of Darth Vader's (aka Anakin Skywalker's) Burning Corpse Yule Log? Imagine the surprise when you combine this video with the traditional Christmas tunes at your holiday party? Here you go! 

     And speaking of traditional holiday tunes, this may be the strangest segue I've ever made in this column, but it's December 18th and long-time readers of the K.A.C. know what that means! Make the hyperspace leap with me and click on the link as we jump from Darth Vaders' blazing funeral pyre to the cool snowfall and earwig song featuring Hardrock, Coco and Joe! 

      Not all parts of Christmas are joyous - take the dreaded holiday office party. Want to chew your own leg off rather than attend? Feel like you're in some horrible science experiment where TIME STANDS STILL? Then we've got the solution for you! The Christmas Party Escape Suit! The life (and sanity) you save may be your own!

          It's been a long time since we've covered Ugly Christmas Sweaters here at the K.A.C. - mainly because we haven't seen any TRULY heinous ones in a while! I did like the one at right, where an unsuspecting Mom sent her son to school in this festive fleece and the teacher 'had a word with her' when she picked him up after school. The problem with the sweater isn't readily apparent until you look closely at it. Click on the picture for a closer look! 

     Our 2011 K.A.C. Image of the Year involved a sweater and a breast dressed as Rudolph (yes, you read that right) - to see it in all its glory, go here: 

     Fast forward to 2015 and the Rudolph Breast Sweater is now a fashion statement! What was once the exclusive domain of only a brave few has now become the garb of the exhibitionistic masses! For more of this latest trend, read on:

     I know what you're thinking - "Hey, why should women and kids have all the fun? Where's the awful Christmas sweaters for men?" Well, you have to be a certain type of man to wear OUR Ugly Christmas Sweater ... a man with a lot of ... er ... BALLS. If you're that kind of guy, look no further, here's the sweater for you!

     And with that, we're done - even I know when to admit defeat on an article - I can't top (or bottom, as the case may be) this!  :)


     Coming Tomorrow: Burning Darth has inspired us! Strap yourself in for some holiday cheer that is out of this world as we look at Christmas In Space!

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