Sunday, November 28, 2010

K.A.C. - T - 27 Days ...

     Take a look at the picture to your left ... what do you see? Jolly fat man, my ass!!! This is one seriously pissed-off dude! Why? Is Santa finally fed up with the back-breaking task of delivering toys via reindeer and sleigh during this age of online shopping? Could it be the diabetic coma from All Those Damn Cookies? Or could it be something much more sinister ... something like ...
M O N K E Y S ?????



     Yes, it's monkeys ... lots and lots of monkeys, in one of the most bizarre 'Christmas' films ever made. From 1950 (or thereabouts), our fifth entry in the '13 Strangest Christmas Shorts' (to add insult to injury) is actually called THE SANTA CLAUS STORY, but as you'll see is really a patently thin excuse to build a framework around a LOT of stock footage of monkeys. Santa's got a lesson to impart to the little boy and girl here, and it's not pretty. As he tells the sneaky kids up past their bedtime, " They know they're monkeys, but you don't." Wow, thanks for THAT life-affirming quote, Kringle!

     Anyways, my little monkeys, grab a banana and give it a look - 'ol Grumpy Klaus would want it that way!
     Tomorrow we continue our countdown with the 2010 K.A.C. Image of the Year ... and more!

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