Tuesday, November 23, 2010

K.A.C. - T - 32 Days ...

Good Morning! The picture on the left (for those of you long-time followers of the K.A.C.) can only mean one thing ... that's right! This year's edition of the Epic Fail of Christmas Albums!

You can see last year's collection on my November 19th, 2009 entry, with such stalwarts as Korla Pandit, Colonel Sanders and the Six Million Dollar Man. I wondered how long and far I'd have to look for outdoing those beauties ... not very far at all, as it turns out!

I've mentioned before that I have the Christmas music going 24/7 here at work as soon as the radio stations begin playing it - that is the official kick-off every year of the K.A.C. Well, my office mates should be GRATEFUL I stick to the traditional channels!

I COULD be sharing with them such holiday 'classics' as sung by high-pitched Japanese monsters, the Pokemon! Let's see, what to play? The verbally-challenged 'Nobody Don't Like Christmas' or 'I'm Giving Santa a Pikachu This Christmas' (a LOCK for getting coal in your stocking this year!).

Too cartoon-y for you? Then how about the dulcet tones of the American Song-Poem Christmas, with such memorable tunes as 'Santa Came on a Nuclear Missile' (!!!)

Oh, there's more - MUCH more, including the Jingle Bermuda Tree Frogs, the William Hung Christmas Album (if you have to ask ...), and A Colt 45 Christmas! They're all part of the eMusic Dozen Weird Christmas - and the best part? You can download any or ALL of these tracks! Just THINK of the looks you'll get when that certain special someone finds THESE under the tree - almost as excited as the young lass on the left! Can't wait? Then go take a listen:

Coming Tomorrow: Another K.A.C. yearly tradition, with some jaw-dropping photos - our annual visit to Big Red's Lap, and all the mishaps and tears that entails! Don't Miss It!

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