Wednesday, November 24, 2010

K.A.C. - T - 31 Days ...

     I don't care WHO you are, you have GOT to get a good laugh at the picture on the left (click on it for the full effect) - I came across this on my perusals and HOWLED (especially over the quote when this was turned into the Demotivational Poster!) - and it is a PERFECT introduction to this year's edition of ... wait for it ... SCARED OF SANTA!

     Keep in mind there are 169  photos in this year's edition, so you're going to be here awhile!

     Along these lines, ever wonder about some of the horror stories the Mall Santas must have? My favorite? The nervous young lad who panicked and at the Big Moment asked Santa for ... a sandwich! :)

     This should keep you all going for awhile as the turkey is basting and the friends and relatives are arriving for the Big Feast. I'll be back tomorrow (such dedication, I don't even take the holiday off! No, no, don't thank me!) with my FAVORITE Thanksgiving movie ... not a big surprise to those who know me! Friday through Sunday will see the next three entries in our '13 Strangest Christmas Short Films' competition, and starting next Monday, the kid gloves come off and the red, fur-lined gloves come on as we ramp up with the TRULY crazy entries, including our Image of the Year!

     Have a good Thanksgiving and travel safely - see you tomorrow!

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