Monday, November 22, 2010

K.A.C. - T - 33 Days ...

     "Dear Santa, I want a new ... car ... umm, you know what? On second thought ...."  Yes, it's that time again, my Gift-Giving Gnomes! Stuck for what to give Uncle Carl this year? Haven't a clue what little Susie wants? Then put one of these Really Bad Ideas under the tree and watch their eyes light up (and, in some cases, some other lights, as well ... probably attached to the police car that pulls up to your house!) - let's see what's under the wrapping, shall we?

     How about fine art? In particular, a 'cursed' painting where the characters LEAVE the painting during the night when you're not watching - I'm kidding, right? Not at all! It's actually a very famous story - the painting is called "The Hands Resist Him" (left) - supposedly, people have died within one year of owning the painting! The brave can read all about it on the Wikipedia entry here: 

     The TRULY brave can watch a creepy video about the painting and learn more here:  

      Now that's just crazy talk - nothing more than an urban legend, you say! What the Hell does this have to do with Christmas and not Halloween? Simply this - the artist sells prints of the 'haunted painting' direct from his studio - you can find the link here: - there's only one way to know if the legend is true or not, and we all have that ONE 'hard-to-shop-for' friend or relative who would LOVE something like this, right? In fact, I happen to know a LOT of people at a certain Yankee Yule Swap party who might be up for it ... hmmm .... :)


       For the more 'adult' members on your shopping list, if money (and TASTE) is no object, there's the 'Sex Robot', which is JUST as bad as it sounds - read on!

      On that note, get shopping, pilgrims! There's plenty more items to come --- umm, to be seen --- later on as we continue the K.A.C. - tune in tomorrow for more!

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  1. Oh, this is starting out wonderful already!