Friday, November 26, 2010

K.A.C. - T - 29 Days ...

     Hello, My Tryptophan Tummy Tousle-heads! If you’re awake enough, get ready to click on something that will mess with your heads, as we continue our '13 Strangest Christmas Shorts' series, with this one from 1913, it’s THE INSECTS' CHRISTMAS! 
      What's so strange about it, you ask? Well, when you're watching this, consider the fact that animator Ladislas Starevich had a rather ... unique ... way of making his stop-motion films. Instead of going the Willis O'Brien/Ray Harryhausen route of using clay models and animating them one frame at a time, Starevich would decide which insects he wanted to tell his story with, find them, kill them, hollow out and preserve their bodies and THEN animate them! 
     Sound grisly? Surprisingly not, as the following short will show. Starevich would make a number of these shorts, the most famous being The Cameraman's Revenge (1911).  To learn more about Starevich, read the Wikipedia entry on him here: 
 To learn more about today's film, read the info box beneath the video itself. Come back tomorrow for our next entry!

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