Friday, November 30, 2012

K.A.C. 2012 - T - 25 ...

     Ah, sweet nostalgia ... and the old-fashioned office holiday party! That time of year where you have enforced joy and cheer, some poor schlub has FAR too much to drink and make a total a-hole of himself (and hears about it for the rest of the next year) and my personal favorite ... the awkward moments under the mistletoe!

     I bring this up because my favorite tabloid in the UK, The Sun, just ran an article all about this very subject - all about people getting randy at these parties and regretting it (or not) ... the most interesting factoid from all this? What day is the one when most people score (and no, it's NOT Christmas Day)? Take a look, see for yourself ... and GO EASY on the spiked eggnog this year!

     Along those lines, if you need to bring something to this year's party,  nothing says "holiday" (or "pink slip", depending on just how much of this you consume) like Santa's Butt! It's just one of the "Six Worst Sounding Alcoholic Drinks of All Time" - the link below also will show you such tasty delights as Viking Blood, Pig's Ass Porter and one that I KNOW will be a "must-have" for certain friends of mine, Polygamy Porter! And a special tip of the cap to the copywriter who came up with the tag line for this beer, "Why Have Just One?" HA! You can find the whole list here (so you can plan what to bring now) ...

     No, no ... don't thank me - it's all part of the service we provide here at the K.A.C. Now go get 'em, tiger! Then join us tomorrow for more!

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