Saturday, December 1, 2012

K.A.C. 2012 - T - 24 ...

     It's that time of year, kiddies ... time to see Santa! This year we've added something NEW! What could be MORE pee-inducing than SIX-FOOT TALL MICE ON ROLLER SKATES? Hey, ANYBODY can have ELF assistants! The Big Man is all about the magic - if he wants anthropomorphic, creepy-assed rodents to help out, who are we to argue?

     What better way than this pic to open up the 2012 edition of Sketchy Santas? Here you go! 

While you're at the mall, you might as well shop ... hmm, what to get for that really difficult person on your list? Want some 'unique' suggestions? OK, let's start with  ... Zombie Nutcrackers! What home wouldn't love this as their table centerpiece during the holidays (well, most actually ...) - OK, then, let's amend that. What home with folks who are planning holiday marathon viewings of THE WALKING DEAD wouldn't like this? There you go! To get your own, go here (but don't get your fingers TOO close)!

But wait! You don't want your yard to look bare for the holiday season, do you? Of course not! So complete the look of someone the local door-to-door types will think twice about approaching with the Skel-E-Gnomes! There's the Skel-E-Gnome, the Skel-E-Gnomette ... and their pet, the Skel-E-Dog! Want to know more? Then here you go!

    Come back tomorrow for more!

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