Sunday, December 9, 2012

K.A.C. 2012 - T - 16 ...

     Hey-ho! Our theme today is Christmas Oddities (to be fair, that's our theme EVERY DAY here, but I digress ...), with a focus on Christmas Oddi-TREES! Let's dig in, shall we?

     First, if you're budget is tight and you need to save money this holiday season, I may have the answer for you. How would you like to cut down on those Christmas tree electric bills this year? Some enterprising lads in Finland may have hit on the solution ... use ELECTRIC EELS! The upside? It works like a charm, it's CHEAP (all you need is eel food ...) and you'll be the talk of the neighborhood! The downside? You better be REAL careful plugging this bad boy in ... one wrong move and you'll be singing carols with the angels! Read more about it here! 

     If eels give you the heebie-jeebies, save even more money and forego the lights all together! "Won't that be too depressing?", you ask? Not when you have a 10 meter (32 foot) tall tree ... made entirely of CHOCOLATE! Just how much chocolate are we talking about here? Try ONE TON, the equivalent of 800,000 regular-sized bars! Oh, it happened - read the whole story by clicking the link below! 

     If you're on a diet and the chocolate tree is too tempting, then how about a cuddly Christmas tree instead ... made entirely of TEDDY BEARS?  On second thought, that doesn't look cuddly in the least ... vaguely CREEPY, yes, but NOT cuddly! To see this and even MORE bizarre trees - made from everything from bicycles to plastic spoons, here you go!

  With all these oddities, it only seems fair to give you an odd Christmas film to watch as well, right? I'm thinking something spacy ... no, not the Pia Zadora mind-numbing Santa Claus Conquers the Martians ... not even the K. Gordon-Murray Mexican import Santa Claus ... something REALLY strange! Like what, you ask? How about the pet project of The Flaming Lips called CHRISTMAS ON MARS?! Believe me, once you see the trailer for this, you'll know why it fits like a glove in today's category!  
Take a look! 

     Coming tomorrow ... our 2012 Image of the Year! What will it be? Wait and see ...

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