Sunday, December 2, 2012

K.A.C. 2012 - T - 23 ...

     Oh, Santa ... not again! We talked about this last year ... you've just got to accept that you're TOO OLD for these kinds of shenanigans! I know you want to look all cool and hip for the young kids, but ...

     Not to panic, this isn't a photo of Suicide Santa - but before I explain what it IS, take a look back at my blog entry from EXACTLY one year ago today (December 2nd, 2011) - Palm Beach, Florida ... shopping mall ... and Santa gets his beard caught while rappelling down to his chair.

     Fast forward to THIS year, change the location from the US to the UK and what do we see ??? You guessed it! Santa rappelling down to the CROWDED mall getting his beard stuck in the cable. Much jeering ensued (he was stuck there for a good half-hour until he was cut out of it) ... the whole story (with video!) can be found here: 

     Those crazy old fat men will never learn ... and SPEAKING of Christmas Catastrophes, here's one from Old Blighty that's sure to please! Have a family you despise? Can't stand the yearly stress of slaving away all day in the kitchen for unappreciative louts? Then  you want the Christmas Dinner In A Can! Imagine the look on their faces when you pop THIS Bad Boy on their plates! The good news? It comes with all this ...
"Self-heating meal of: Turkey casserole with winter veg, chipolatas, stuffing balls and cranberry jelly". The bad news? THAT'S the turkey on the end of the fork! =:O  (Just kidding ... I think). 

     To read more about it, go here:

     Less than $10.00 a person for a WHOLE Christmas meal! Let us (and your next of kin) know how it tastes!

      More tomorrow! 

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