Thursday, December 20, 2012

K.A.C. 2012 - T - 6 ...

Six days out and The UK come through with a delightful spoof trailer on the latest James Bond epic ... why watch SKYFALL when you can see "Claus, Santa Claus" in SNOWFALL?! Take a look! 

           BREAKING NEWS !!! Stop whatever you are doing and set up your DVR for the 2012 K.A.C. MUST-SEE film of the year !!! Running on the SyFy Channel, it's called 'The 12 Disasters of Christmas' and combines the famous song with "Mayan prophesies" that are bringing about the end of the world ... and the teenage girl (Magda Apanowicz, pictured at right) who is "the chosen one" to save us all from the End Times ... the ABSOLUTE LUNACY of the plot, acting, special effects, etc. are almost beyond belief, but you MUST see this! It is on TONIGHT on the SyFy Channel and I'm sure they'll be repeating it over and over. I think this is the new annual Christmas film at our house! Check out the review below or just a TASTE of the holiday madness involved in this Christmas treat!

     As one reviewer said, "If you need a new Christmas drinking game, take a shot every time someone mentions "DOOM!" in this movie!"  

     Our final five begins tomorrow! 

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