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K.A.C. 2012 - T - 12 ...

     Every year in early December, the one Holiday Gift Guide I always look forward to the most is the one compiled by 'Quint' over at Ain't It Cool News. He covers EVERY aspect of fandom, breaking it down by both price and topic and the results are always jaw-dropping. Grab your favorite morning beverage and prepare to lose a few hours perusing the HUNDREDS of items you didn't even know you needed!

     This year's list is in three parts, which you can link to below:

Part 1 - 

Part 2 - 

Part 3 - 

     If you dig deep enough and long enough, you will find (along with the Wickedly Awesome and Totally Cool items) some of the most OUTRAGEOUS gifts that are SURE to lift eyebrows and elicit more than one yell of, "WHAT THE **** IS THAT DOING UNDER MY TREE?" And isn't that the kind of response you hope for every Christmas? NO? Hmmm ... must just be OUR family tradition, then! :)

     So here are my votes for the 5 Most Outrageous Gifts of 2012 from these lists ... if you're stuck for a memorable last-minute gift idea, hop on as we once again ride to the rescue!

     At # 5 we have the Blu-ray DVD Collector's Set edition of AMC's The Walking Dead, Season 2. Seen here in a TRULY eye-gouging ... er, eye-CATCHING case, when you're ready to sit down and view it, just pull up on the zombie's head via the handy screwdriver and grab your DVD set from his rotting neck! Hey, who WOULDN'T want this sitting and staring at them everyday on their DVD shelf? (As a total aside, do you know I've never seen a single episode of this show? It's true! You would think it would be match made in ... well, somewhere ... but it just hasn't come about ... yet). If you're itchin' to own it, here's the Amazon link:

     At # 4, for the more artistically inclined comes this limited edition print just PERFECT for your combination Star Trek/Grunge Rock fan.
Entitled "Captain Kirk Cobain", with this Bad Boy framed on your wall, you set phasers on TASTELESS and becomes the talk of your clique at Warp Speed! Alex Pardee's print is available here for the truly demented! 

     At # 3 is ... wait, is that a ROCKING CHAIR? Yes, yes it is ... but not just ANY rocking chair. This, my friends, is the iRock. As Quint says, "It has the dock for your iDevice, it has speakers near the head of the chair that will pump the sound of your iPad/iPod to your head… and, most importantly, the rocking motion of the chair charges your device. You need to have one of these when the apocalypse hits because the gas for your generator won’t last forever and when you go out into the wastes to find fuel that’s when things always go wrong. So, you can keep your movies, music, books and Angry Birds going without that pesky electricity". It's also a pricey $1,300.00, but what else are you going to do with that money ... save it for retirement? Read all the specs here:

     At # 2 is a trifecta of Star Wars goodies, all of which make me smile - first is the Star Wars version of Operation, with R2-D2 as the unlucky patient ... you get to pull out all the yucky things making R2 sick, like "Death Star Plans, malfunctioning rocket thrusters and any memory of Anakin Skywalker being Darth Vader (not kidding, there’s actually a “bad memory module” in the shape of Vader’s helmet!)". For the budding doctor in your family, here you go! 

     There's also two variations of Han Solo in  Carbonite: the tasty Han encased in chocolate (as seen at left), courtesy of the inventive folks at ... you can order at the link below, but do so soon, as this sold out quickly last year!

     Why just gnaw on Frozen Han when you can drink him down, as well? (Yeah, that doesn't sound exactly right ...) - sit around with your friends and help defrost the scruffy ol' nerf-herder with the Frozen Han Ice Cube Trays! You can fill them with water for a regular party OR fill them with Jello and have a Jello Shot Han Party ... (Man, this gets worse and worse the more I try to describe it ...). You can order yours here!

      Which brings us to # 1. What can I say about this one to do it justice? It's the perfect gift for parents (especially brand-new or soon-to-be brand-new parents), grandparents who remember what it was like to be parents, nursing mothers, soon-to-be- nursing mothers and especially mothers-who-are-thankful-EVERY-DAY-that-thery're-no-longer-nursing-mothers (Whew)!

     What is it, you ask? Just what it looks like! I'll let Quint describe it for you ... "That’s right, I put a boob in my Holiday Guide. And I’d do it again. What is that thing, you may ask… actually, you know what that is. The real question is why, not what and I’ll tell you my friends. That is a creamer. You put the cream for your coffee in there, give it a squeeze and guess what squirts out? Yep, you’re catching on! Gag gift or creepy single guy living alone enjoying creaming his coffee a little too much every morning. You make the call."

     It's real, it's outrageous and it's available over at Amazon for slightly over $10! 

 And with that, you should be GUARANTEED not to be invited over again for Christmas! :)


     Only eleven entries left - come back tomorrow for more!

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