Monday, December 10, 2012

K.A.C. 2012 - T - 15 ...

     While I'm sure you can appreciate the concept of the Christmas Snow Cat, the execution of this Frosty Feline leaves a bit to be desired. Looking like a cross between a Calvin and Hobbes snowman spectacle and an animal version of Dr. Who's Weeping Angels (hey, if you have to ask ...), he doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Well, let's keep a wary eye on him as we look at some other Christmas Kitties!
     First up, Tom and Jerry go at it in holiday style in 1941's  'The Night Before Christmas' - click here for old-fashioned MGM goodness!

     Nice, huh? Gave you a warm, fuzzy feeling all over, right? I'm not sure the same can be said about our next contestant ... er, entry.  From the album 'Jingle Cats ... Meowy Christmas' (hey, I just report 'em, folks, I don't write 'em!) comes their rendition of 'Silent Night'. If you've got cats (or pets of any kind), bring them close to the computer and crank up the volume!

     Before you ask, yes, it's a real CD of cats "singing" Christmas carols ... there are actually TWO CDs available! The perfect gift for the cat lover on your gift list ... and an even BETTER gift for any cat HATER who you don't care for! :)

     And what do cats love to drink? If you answered milk and want your favorite feline (or milk-guzzling human) to cut back, I've got the answer for that, as well! Only the truly brave should watch the following commercial for "Milky, the Marvelous Milking Cow!"  

     We end today with ... umm, yeah ... the following. With a lot of these articles, I scan the Internet and follow links which lead from one item to another - Tom and Jerry leads to a search on Christmas Cats which leads to Milky the Cow which lead to Christmas Furries. Now I KNOW I shouldn't have clicked on it, but I figured, "Hey, how bad could it be?" This is how bad... may I present the winner of 2012 Kitschmas Advent Calendar Image of the Year!

    In case you've never been exposed to furries or furry fandom, here's the Wiki link to read all about them - you know what? Why don't you click on this and educate yourself and THEN come back and look at the pic on the right again - trust me, it will still be here!   


  It's days like this that make me teeter on the edge of hysteria .... PRAY you don't find this waiting by your tree this Christmas! 


     Two weeks to go! 

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