Saturday, December 15, 2012

K.A.C. 2012 - T - 10 ...

Welcome back! We're down to our final ten days before Christmas and we've still got lots of ground to cover, so let's go!

     Want to deliciously horrify your guests at this year's Christmas party? Then leave these 'pig in a blanket toadies' out for them to munch down as appetizers. Better yet, throw your voice in a high-pitched squeal whenever they bite into one! Hobbies for the easily amused ... 

     Have you finished sending out your Christmas cards yet? Do you even send them anymore? It seems the tradition of mailing Christmas cards is another one that is going on to the Yule Log as being out of fashion. I found this out earlier this month as Laura and I were getting ours ready to send out, along with the annual school picture of Justin, to our respective families. When I asked him if he knew of any other families who mailed cards out, he said, "Not really". It's sad, but I think my generation will probably be the last to mail them out on a regular basis. I still have a large number of cards my parents received over the years. Part of the appeal back then, of course, was the Christmas card was often the only time during the year that you would hear from particular family or friends, what with the hectic pace of daily life. With the Internet and instant communication, that has changed for all time. Take a look here at this window to the past with some cute (and creepy!) vintage Christmas cards. 

           Speaking of vintage cards, I truly like this one to your right, sent by Harry Houdini to friends and family in 1920. The famous 'escapeologist' seems unable to release himself from a Christmas stocking! :)

     Let's end today with this recent report that came out from BBC News ... about a traditional Christmas dessert ... Stollen cake, which is served every year in Germany.  Well, this year things got a little bit crazy in Dresden ... about THREE TONS worth of crazy! Click on the news link to see this MASSIVE beast that had to be wheeled in via horse-drawn carriage in this year's annual Stollenfest!

    That makes me full just looking at it! See you tomorrow!

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