Friday, December 21, 2012

K.A.C. 2012 - T - 4 ...

     So how did you do on the Kringle's Khristmas Kuties All-Male Edition? The answers are:

# 1 - Freddie Mercury (lead singer for Queen)

# 2 - Jimi Hendrix (!)

# 3 - Elvis Presley

# 4 - Johnny Depp

# 5 - Isaiah Mustafa (of the Old Spice ads)

# 6 - David Hasselhoff

     I'm just a tad disturbed that I used to have those exact same slippers he's wearing in this photo ...  :(

           One of the holiday mainstays for the K.A.C. has always been Christmas in the Comics, with some of the more jaw-dropping examples of four-color Merry Mirthfulness. Rather than put up a number of different covers this year, I'm going to just go with this FANTASTIC Marvel Comics Group Christmas card ... this TOTALLY knocks me out! I'm thinking of getting a full-color printout of it and use it as my label for all of my Christmas packages next year ... what do you think? Originally I thought this might have come about during Marvel's Golden Age (the mid-1960s), when it had the Merry Marvel Marching Society and the fan club F.O.O.M. (Friends of Old Marvel ... and I'll spare you asking, yes, I WAS a member! :) ) going strong, but looking at the characters here, this would have been from the 1970s (Conan in the bottom left is a big tipoff). Upon further research, it turns out this was the 1970 Office Christmas card that Marvel sent out to business associates and fans. Great stuff!


           Our final Christmas tree story of the year comes out of Seattle - it's a clever variation of the old "tree is too big for the house" gag. This time homeowner Patrick Kruger went the extra mile, by adding fake roofing tiles and lighting it all to look like the tree was bursting through the roof.

     Speaking of final stories, let's leave you today with one final outrageous Christmas card. Sent out to family and friends by the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, it has everything you'd like to see in a holiday card. Happy family? Check. Cute kid? Check. A leopard delivering the death stroke to an unsuspecting animal? Check ... hey, wait ...


     Three more entries to go ... come back tomorrow!

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