Friday, December 11, 2009

K.A.C. 2009 - T - 14 ...

Two weeks to go, my Frozen Friday Frolickers! Remember earlier this week, when I said how I wondered if I could top the Magic Mushroom entry? Well ... wait for it ... HERE IT IS !!!

I absolutely LOVE this film! It's called RARE EXPORTS, INC., was made in Finland, is COMPLETELY NSFW --- no, REALLY --- and is the FUNNIEST thing you will see this whole holiday season! I won't tell you the plot, as that would spoil it ... I'll let the trailer do all the talking!

I will continue to post right up to the end, but this film wins my Personal Favorite Award of 2009 of ALL the K.A.C. posts - let me know what YOU think of it!

Have a great weekend, get YOUR last-minute orders in to Rare Exports, Inc. for your holiday needs, and I'll be back on Monday with three more entries!

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