Monday, December 7, 2009

K.A.C. 2009 - T - 20, 19 and 18 ...

T - 20:

Top of the morning, my Sleighbell Seneschals! Take a break from your holiday duties to gaze in shock and awe as we present this year's edition of the Superheroes Christmas! We begin with a MAGNIFICENT find, with Santa teamed up with The Sandman to defeat the villainous Seal Men! What makes this so thrilling, you say? The fact that this unearthed, long-forgotten gem was drawn by none other than comics legend Jack "King" Kirby!!! That and the weird-ass plot that I can't BEGIN to describe, with hammer-toting elves, Nightmare Wizards, flying sleds ... you just have to read it for yourself to believe it - where? Right here!

T - 19:

Staying with the Superhero theme, here's a fine assortment of superhero Christmas comics, from the 1940s to the present; my favorite being Superman's bratty children on Christmas morning:

T - 18:

We'll wrap today with a Superhero of a different sort: a very nice vintage Christmas ad featuring Sean Connery in his heyday as "Bond ... James Bond" - remember, nothing says Christmas quite like ... whiskey?

Finally, is all this talk about Superheroes making you wonder what you can get the superhero in your life for Christmas this year? Fret no more, friends, you can find ALL your superhero needs here (and, yes, this IS a REAL store!): A superheroic thanks to Jennifer for the link ... BTW, friends who have gone there Highly Recommend the Cape Testing Station! :)

Tune in tomorrow as we go all X-FILES on you, and explain (in furtive whispers, natch!) the Conspiracy of Christmas! You will be SHOCKED by what we dug up!

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