Thursday, December 24, 2009

K.A.C. 2009 - T - 1 ...

… and so, boys and girls, we come to the end of the Kitschmas Advent Calendar for another year. I hope I’ve managed to entertain you this past month and a half.

What have we learned? That Christmas (at least in our odd universe) is filled with Magic Mushrooms and rides on Pink Pigs, in a world where Robots sing Carols and Father Christmases are the Rarest Export of them all!

From horrible Christmas Sweaters and even worse movies, to clay-animated witches pinch-hitting for Santa when times are tough, and Christmas cookies screaming out their death throes as Santa devours them, we’ve covered a LOT of ground!

For our final entry this year, we take you back to 1948, when the jolliest part of Christmas was watching a loving couple beat the Living Hell out of each other with a BIG Stick! Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for Santa Claus Punch and Judy!


But wait! What’s this? As with all the very best Christmases, there’s always One Last Gift tucked away under the tree – if you were with us last year, you remember it was the link to HUNDREDS of bizarre record covers. This year’s final treat is a real rarity, and one you may have to see a doctor for when it’s done to re-align your jaw: from 1964, an unsold TV pilot called ALEXANDER THE GREAT starring our very own Conjure Cinema Mascot, William Shatner ... AND Adam West!!!


That’s it, kiddies! My regular movie blog will return in early January, and I hope you’ll return, as well. My thanks to you all for coming along on this Holiday Odyssey … even though I’ve kidded the Season in every way possible, please accept my sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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