Friday, December 4, 2009

K.A.C. 2009 - T - 21 ...

There, there, dry your eyes ... the Bad Clown is all gone! I know, that was mean to inflict Whizzo on those of you who are new to this. How about this? We'll make ALL those memories of Whizzoland go away with a LOVELY animated Christmas piece instead, OK? Good! Enjoy WHEN HUMANS ARE SLEEPING:

Let's not stop there! Since it's the end of the week, here's a few stray Sci-Fi Wreaths of Wonderment for that certain 'Special Someone'. First, for the STAR TREK fan in your life, there's the Federation Stockings ... DON'T PUT UP THE RED ONE!

For those of you who are more of a " nuqDaq ta' SoH pol [the] yuch?" type of person, we have the Klingon Christmas Carol (pictured above):
At the same article is a link on how to make Starfleet Cookies, which will come in handy when you realize the Klingon phrase above translates in English to "Where do you keep the chocolate?" :) Don't ask how I know that ... no, really, don't ask ...

There's plenty to chew on here all weekend long! Get baking on those Starfleet cookies, and I'll see you on Monday with THREE more insane entries! Bye!

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