Friday, November 25, 2011

K.A.C. 2011 - T - 30 ...

  Good morning and welcome back - I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are still working off that Turkey Coma ... here at the K.A.C. we never stop ... work, work, work, that's us! Today is OUR day - the tackiest day of the year, aka 'Black Friday', the bargain shopper's paradise! So remember a couple of ground rules when you're out battling the hordes today: always keep your wallet and/or purse close to you, always fight to the death for that one last "must-have" item in the store and always stay hydrated! Bring plenty of water to sip on while waiting in line for the stores to open ... preferably in a disposable container that make it easy to sip from ... and ... oh, boy ...  brings a whole new meaning to "To Infinity ... and Beyond!", doesn't it?!

     As promised, it's our annual round-up of the worst toys of 2011 and we have some TRULY SKANKY toys you should be aware of! Let's start with the Doggie Doo Game and a description that has to be read to be believed! 

How to play:

Step 1: Form and load Play-Doh poop pellet in the dog’s mouth.
Step 2: Position your pooper scooper under the wiener dog’s butt.
Step 3: Roll the die. Squeeze the leash lever the number of times shown on the die. Each squeeze makes a Gassy sound that pushes air into the dachshund, moving the poop through its system until...plop! If you’re lucky, collect poop as it drops out the other end.

The first person to collect three poops on their shovel wins. Be careful though... some die rolls make you skip a turn while others let another player trade scoopers with you. What’s the appeal of this game aside from the obvious “woah” factor?? The wiener dog makes noises as the poop passes through the digestive track and the dachshund's tail shakes the entire time.

      I know a certain Yankee Yule Swap this would be PERFECT for! :)  

  Next is a TRULY heinous object, the 'McDonald's Chicken McNuggets' playset ... REALLY? Yes, really - this is probably the most detestable item on both lists. 

     There's also this year's version of the skanky stripper dolls, the Play-Doh Dentist set (making a return appearance from last year) and the bane of all parents, the AutoTune microphone! Go take a look at Leanne Shirtliffe's guide (and fine write-up of each piece)! 

     And now, I am going back to bed - none of that dealing with crazies for me! Back tomorrow with more!

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