Monday, November 14, 2011

K.A.C. 2011 - T - 41 ...

     Welcome back, one and all! Today we tackle a question that rears its ugly head every year around the holidays ... the eternal battle of "real or artificial" Christmas trees? There are adamant camps on both sides, each with their ... own ... poin ... hey, do you feel like someone's ... STARING AT YOU??? AAAH! Christmas Ninja!!!!!  :)

     Just read quietly - maybe it won't attack. As I started to say, this is a battle I lost LONG ago in our house, with the Powers That Be demanding that we have a REAL tree every year! Well, I think this is a perfect time to state MY case for why we should have an ARTIFICIAL tree - perhaps THESE "beautiful" examples will change a Certain Someone's Mind!

     If you have someone in your household that is a soda fiend (as we do), then you can let the WHOLE WORLD know of your addiction, loud and proud, with the Mountain Dew tree (seen at right)! Thoughtfully already made in holiday green cans and bottles, it's JUST the thing you want blazing away from the picture window in your living room ... something to tell your neighbors, "hey, CLASSY folks live here!"


Not high-falutin' enough for ya? Wouldn't be caught dead with something that lame in your house? No problem! For a REAL man like you, there's always the Beer Bottle Tree (four stellar examples are shown here)! And the best part? You can recycle your tree after the holidays and get money back from the empties!

      There's more ... much more! If you've got Balls of Steel (TM) and want to spend the holidays in the slammer, look no further than the Merry Marijuana Tree ... there's also the Pac-Man Tree, the All-LED Lights Tree, the Human Christmas Trees (two varieties!) and for the newest present in your family, the Christmas Tree Onesie!

      But NOTHING tops my Personal Favorite from this list ... the DALEK Christmas Tree !!! As a DOCTOR WHO fan of long-standing, this tree is almost de rigueur for our house! To see all of these trees and MORE (including videos!), just click on the link below!

     So let's recap - good for the environment ... umm ... tasteful ... errr ... extremely classy and a way to make a statement to the neighb ... hmmm ... I think this is another year we're getting a REAL tree!  

    Coming Tomorrow! Well, after all this talk of Christmas Trees, you gotta have something to decorate them with! Get ready for this year's edition of Ominous Ornaments!

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