Sunday, December 15, 2013

K.A.C. 2013 - T - 10 ...

     Ten Days To Go! It's Reader Submission Day! That one day of the year at the K.A.C. where we turns the reins over to you and your submissions - let's see what's in the stocking this year, shall we?


First up,  a number of people sent me this link of Krampus postcards (some of which I haven't seen before) - if THESE don't make you walk the straight and narrow, nothing will!

     Next up is a fabulous Buzzfeed thread that Jackie sent in called "12 Decorations To Have Yourself A Creepy Little Christmas"! Check them out!

     Do you like Christmas? I mean, REALLY like it? I mean hardcore like, enough to get a reminder tattooed on your skin? Jackie sent this link along, as well - trust me, Yoda is just the tip of the iceberg where these fans are concerned! 

     Joann sent us this hilarious video that comes with a warning ... NEVER piss off the person you hire to put up your Christmas lights!


More tomorrow!

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