Tuesday, December 17, 2013

K.A.C. 2013 - T - 8 ...

     It's time for our annual Christmas Ghost Story ... this one comes from H.R. Wakefield's collection The Clock Strikes 12. Wakefield lived from 1888 - 1964 and was an English author primarily remembered today for his widely anthologized ghost stories. Our story this year doesn't pertain to a ghost in the traditional sense, but is a cautionary tale about being very careful where you purchase your Christmas tree from! The YouTube link of the reading of the tale is about an hour long, so settle into your comfiest chair, get a hot toddy, turn out the lights and pull your comforter around you as you hear of the poor unfortunates who didn't heed the warnings of ... Lucky's Grove.


     Speaking of stories, Christopher just shared one (via The Atlantic) about how the tracking of Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve came about ... and where the original phone number to talk to Santa went! It's a fascinating tale and one I had not heard before - take a look! 



      And if you or your little ones are thinking about tracking Santa, you're going to need some high-tech gear. Now, I'm not talking about following the Jolly One on the Internet or catching the local TV weather broadcast on Christmas Eve on where he supposedly is on his travels. I'm talking serious hard-core gear ... enter the Santa-Stake-Out-Kit! It's from PlanetOptics and is only $6,500.00 !!! Boo-Yah !!! For that amount of money, you can find him, his reindeer and every last one of his elves! Check it out!



     More tomorrow!

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