Friday, December 13, 2013

K.A.C. 2013 - T - 12 ...

     Ummm, I think the idea is to cheer the tyke up, Santa, NOT scare the living crap out of her!

     Welcome back - today's topic (in case you couldn't guess from the photo at left) is ... Sketchy Santas! This year we have 64 new reasons to be terrified of the Jolly Fat Man - not that most kids need it! The photo at right pretty much nails it - what the hell happened to Santa's face? You would think after so many years of hawking Norelco razors he would know how to SHAVE some of that mess off! Whatever --- brace yourself and click the link below for more Holiday Horrors!

     Think Santa was sketchy only in your parent's time? Think again! Take a look at these photos from 1934 (courtesy of Retronaut) of Santa and his plane. What a shame there aren't any shots of the little tykes running in terror once they got a good look at Sinister Claus! Go see!

      Finally, it's not too late to plan your road trip to get your picture taken with ... Santa the Hutt! Oh, he's real and he's waiting for YOU at the Betabrand's clothing store in San Franciso - for more pics and the full story on the Jolly (?) Fat Man, click here:


More tomorrow!

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