Monday, December 16, 2013

K.A.C. 2013 - T - 9 ...

     We're down to the single digits on our calendar ... only nine days to go! From the looks of the photo at left, he may see you when you're sleeping and know when you're awake, but he didn't see THIS coming! :) These little tykes want their presents NOW!

     And speaking of presents, are you still stuck trying to come up with the perfect last-minute something for that one hard to shop for person on your list? Well, your search is over ... peruse these beauties!

     First up, what with the cold weather and snow, they're going to need to bundle up! What better way to stay warm and make a very particular fashion statement than with this hand-knit Alien Facehugger Winter Mask! Guaranteed to get them a seat on the bus (or anywhere else for that matter)! Not recommended for driving, however! Get yours here: 
     What, too out there for you? You need something a bit more demure? How about socks? Everybody can use socks, right? Um, did I mention they're Spock socks? Did I also mention his pointy ears pop out from the socks? Minor technicality there ... 


     OK, OK, obviously clothes aren't going to work for that certain someone. How about something for their cell phone? Surely they'd like some little tech gadget for the phone, right? Then try this ... Smartphone Underwear! They're all the rage in Japan (I know, the bulge in the photo at right is disturbing to me, too!) - you think I'm kidding and making this up, right? Nope - here's the link! 


      Finally, if your certain someone is REALLY full of themself and you just know they would turn up their nose at all these QUALITY gift ideas, I've got one more suggestion ... if nothing (and NO ONE) is good enough for them, then you need the "I Married Me - Self Wedding In A Box Kit"! As the makers say, "Take the plunge, marry yourself!" Imagine all the glad tidings your friend will bring to the family when they announce they're married ... to themselves! Certain to be the talk of ANY holiday party (and psychiatric institution)! Read all about it (on  CNN, no less): 


More tomorrow! 

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