Saturday, December 14, 2013

K.A.C. 2013 - T - 11 ...

     Eleven days to go! Time now for us to spring to the rescue for you last-minute holiday shoppers with one of a kind items you can't find anywhere else ... and what better place to start than with this GIANT Cat Couch for all your feline-loving friends! What's missing from this picture? Well, CATS, for one thing. And, oh, FURNITURE in this apartment ... this thing is HUGE! To read more about it, click here: 

     Next up is my FAVORITE geek chic holiday gift ... the Star Trek Transporter Shower Set! :) Serious kudos to whoever thought this one up - brilliant! :) You can find out where to get yours (as well as the TARDIS Mini-Fridge and the Hunger Games: Catching Fire Katniss Barbie figure - I wish that were a joke, but it's not) here: 

     For the rest of the list, covering things you haven't even thought you needed until now, click here (be warned - it's a time sink)! 


     Not to be outdone, Quint at Ain't It Cool News has his own annual gift giving guide. There's some duplication of the items on the io9 list, but by and large he has come up with even MORE amazing items that you need to have NOW! It's in four parts, so grab your favorite drink and settle in ... you're going to be here awhile!

     - Part 1:

     - Part 2:  

     - Part 3:

     - Part 4:



If you would prefer a more service-oriented gift, then here you go! The Men in Kilts window washing company has added a new feature: Men in Kilts shoveling snow! No, no, ladies, don't thank me ... it's all part of the package (umm ...) here at the K.A.C. Take a peek below!


More tomorrow! 

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