Sunday, December 8, 2013

K.A.C. 2013 - T - 17 ...

     If you've been following the K.A.C. for lo, these many years, you know we always feature a look at the Neiman-Marcus "Wish Book", featuring the most outrageously expensive, one-of-a-kind gifts that any SANE person wouldn't spend their money on. But there's always that "what if ..." faction who wishes they could buy some such trinket (such as these lovelies above). And that's where we come in. Far be it from us here at the K.A.C. to just SHOW you these things, we'll also show you how YOU (yes, YOU!) can afford it! How, you ask? The answer lies in yesterday's article ... no, you dope, not through the mad goblin Kallikantzaros (although I like the way you think!) - through El Gordo, the world's oldest (and biggest) lottery held every Christmas season since 1812. Read all about it here (but you're on your own for getting tickets!) -,8599,1868104,00.html  


     Now once you're rolling in dough (or euros, as the case may be), you're going to want to SPEND some of that filthy lucre, right? Sure, you COULD do your part to alleviate hunger and help World Peace ... but we know better. You want something to let everybody know that you've made it and have money to burn! Right on cue comes the aforementioned Neiman-Marcus 2013 Wish Book! How could they possibly top last year's $100,000 chicken coop? How about a $150,000 Global Falconry Companion? Want to start with something a little smaller? Then you, my friend, want the $20,000 Balloon Venus (seen at left). What's that, you say? You're feeling generous and want to get me something? No, no, you really don't have to ... you insist? OK, then I'll take the Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment System (seen at right). It will only set you back somewhere between $1,500,00 - $2,640,000!!!  =:O  Decided on a card instead? Yeah, I thought that might happen.


     Back to Earth with more tomorrow!

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