Saturday, December 14, 2019

K.A.C. 2019 - T - 11 ...

Welcome back - we're eleven days out and we've got a true Christmas treat for you today in our continuing series of Christmas For Your Ears. Our Triple Threat of Santa Clauses (including the rather ghoulish one in back entreating you to be quiet ... or else) are all set to listen to one of our more charming episodes - an episode of The Saint, featuring Leslie Charteris' debonair detective, the 'Robin Hood of Modern Crime'. Most audiences of today remember The Saint from the Roger Moore television series, which ran from 1962 - 1969. But the character had a long history before that series ever aired, including 14 films, the earliest in 1938 and the latest (to date) in 1997. 

     Today, however, we're concentrating on The Saint's radio career. While there were many different versions of The Saint on radio, the most fascinating starred an inspired choice for Simon Templar, Mr. Vincent Price. As Wikipedia notes: 
      "The longest-running radio incarnation was Vincent Price, who played the character in a series between 1947 and 1951 on three networks: CBS, Mutual and NBC. Like The Whistler, the program had an opening whistle theme with footsteps; some sources say the whistling theme for The Saint was created by Leslie Charteris, while others credit RKO composer Roy Webb. Price left in May 1951, to be replaced by Tom Conway, who played the role for several more months; his brother, George Sanders, had played Templar on film." 
    There are a number of surprises here, most notably the theme music that's indelibly linked with the character, is nowhere to be found. Instead, a different theme is used here. Also, there is much more dry, sardonic humor here than you would expect. If you're only familiar with Price and his horror films, this will serve as quite an eye-opener for you, especially his repartee with his assistant, cab driver Louie (played by Lawrence Dobkin). So sit back and enjoy, from December 24th, 1950, Vincent Price as The Saint in 'Santa Claus Is No Saint'.


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     Back tomorrow with more!

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