Friday, December 13, 2019

K.A.C. 2019 - T - 12 ...

     Good morning! One dozen days to go and we're tuning our brand-new Zenith Arm Chair Radio (just look at the SIZE of that thing - I actually think this is pretty magnificent) back to SUSPENSE for our next installment of Christmas For Your Ears. What's more, it's the Very Next Episode the show ran after yesterday's entry with Raymond Burr, 'Out For Christmas'. This one is more of a New Year's episode than a Christmas one, but I'm including it so you can hear how good the old shows were tackling fantasy shows, as well ... and ones that were still 'well calculated to keep you in ... SUSPENSE'.

       As Old Time Radio Downloads says of today's episode: "The Thirty Second Of December" - A good story about a man who buys a watch with many dials, including one that travels through time ... (it's) New Year's Eve and as fas as Joe Edcot was concerned when he got up the morning of December 31st, it could stay 1958 forever. The only trouble is time doesn't work that way; time is a downhill ride in a car with no brakes. You can't stop it even if your life depends on it and Joe's did ..." 

      From December 28th, 1958, enjoy Frank Lovejoy starring in 'The Thirty Second Of December'. 


     See that tree in the ad being dwarfed by the Zenith Arm Chair Radio? I bet folks would have paid more attention to it if the family had used the Crafty Christmas Guide to know the EXACT number of lights and decorations on it, rather than throwing things on the branches willy-nilly! Don't make that mistake yourself - let someone else tell you how to PRECISELY decorate your tree! All the info you never knew you needed is in the link below: 

     Next, you're going to need gifts to put under that tree. We've got that covered, too! If you're one of the trendy types that have an Alexa, it's so helpful it's probably already ORDERED those gifts for you! WHAT GIFTS, you ask? The ones you were only speculating getting and were wondering out loud whether you should or not ... the ones that have ALREADY been charged to your credit card! It's a brave new world, trendy boy ... better hope you don't talk in your sleep around Alexa or you'll be in the poor house in no time! Read more about this cautionary tale below: 

      Finally, if you really want to stand out this year, tree-wise, take a page from the Vilnius Airport in Lithuania and make a tree out of confiscated items passengers are forbidden to take on planes. Because really, what says 'tis the season better than knives, bullets and cigarette lighters? Get the whole story here:


     Back tomorrow with more!

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