Tuesday, December 17, 2019

K.A.C. 2019 - T - 8 ...

     Good morning! Just a little over a week to go and our tale today from the Christmas For Your Ears collection is one of the last radio dramas, before they went away  - sort of fitting when you look at the Motorola 1950s Christmas ad on the left, as radio was rapidly giving ground by then to the new entertainment medium of television. As you can see, radios were still being advertised, but the Big Status Symbol was being the first on your block to have a TV set. The years have passed, times have changed, but every year there's always a new 'must have' status symbol present to be had ... anyway, once again we walk the halls of SUSPENSE, this time for a more whimsical tale, one of their rare fantasies - take one ex-con, a dying young man with a last request, and a mischievous ghost named Sir Benjamin, stir them all together and you get A Yuletide Miracle. From December 17th, 1961, give a listen to this unexpectedly sweet tale of ... SUSPENSE.



     It's Reader Submission Day again, so sticking with the mischievous, sweet theme, another last-minute submission rears its head in time for inclusion here - think you know all there is to know about a 'traditional Christmas'? Think again - thanks, Helen, for the heads up!



     Switching gears to the musical front, Christopher and many others had this bit of charming animation up, sharing a jolly animated twinkle to White Christmas  give it a listen!


     Next up is the Merry Cajun Christmas, which contains a truly unique version of 'The Night Before Christmas' that is spoken twice, first in Louisiana French, then at the end of the album in English. Add to the spice traditional carols played by different instruments and you have a new twist on some old songs. Give it a listen here:



          And we'll wrap up today's warbling wonders with Christmas On the Ponderosa, with the cast of TV's BONANZA giving it their all. The songs range from good to .... what did I just hear, but it's a great time capsule from the early '60s. Saddle up!



     And with that, we ride off into the sunset for another day. See you tomorrow!

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