Tuesday, December 10, 2019

K.A.C. 2019 - T - 15 ...

     Welcome back to our next edition of Christmas For Your Ears - today's picture features the Motorola Portable with 'exclusive Roto-tenna', just the thing when you're traveling and on the go. Did I say traveling? Well, what a coincidence! Our tale today comes from another popular radio show, The Mysterious Traveler, which ran from 1943 - 1952, and which spawned both a digest magazine and comic book series. The stories ranged the gamut from mysteries to crime dramas, with an occasional dip of the toe into fantasy and science fiction. Co-created by Robert Arthur (who later went on to fame during the 1960s as the driving force behind the Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators books series, as well as editing many Hitchcock anthologies), the tales were known for having many a twist and an ending you didn't see coming. Such is the case with today's tale, which aired on Christmas night, 1951, and is simply entitled (what else?), 'A Christmas Story'.


     Want to be a Mysterious Traveler yourself? Have money to burn? I mean, a LOT of money to burn? No, seriously, A LOT OF MONEY TO BURN ... you're going to need it as we examine this year's Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts! The one that instantly jumps off the page is the very first one listed: your very own 007 Aston Martin, designed by the soon to be retired screen 007, Daniel Craig. It's one of only seven being made (007, that's why) - an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. It also comes with a limited edition (of 7 - see above) all-platinum Seamaster Diver 300M Omega timepiece (we commoners call them watches). The price? Want to guess? Here's a hint: look at how many of each are being made - NO, NOT $7.00! Try $700,007 - I'll wait for you to retrieve your jaw. For that price, you also get airfare to see your Aston Martin roll off the assembly line and two tickets, with airfare and lodging included, to the world premiere of Craig's final Bond film, NO TIME TO DIE - a bargain, right?

     If that's too much for you, both price and gift-wise, then they've got other choices for you: from trips around the world to exclusive pairs of sneakers made just for you (you wouldn't think those would be so expensive, but you'd be wrong), and from taste trips to Italy to Fashion Week - or perhaps starring in your very own Makeup Video! And hey, it's Christmas: it's NOT all about you - don't forget your pet! How so, you say? Try a custom made doghouse for $70,000! 

     To read in more detail about these must-have items for the 1%, take a deep breath and go here:


     Now I know what you're going to say: "$70,000 is STILL out of my budget! Isn't there something a bit less expensive that I can get that will make my intended feel special?" You betcha - I don't do all this research for the K.A.C. every year NOT to share it! Want to make your special someone feel warm all over? Ummm, you might want to wait a bit before answering - Gwyneth Paltrow and her GOOP line of products have a 'Restraining Arts Kit' (read: Beginners' Guide BDSM Kit) - for ONLY $1,350! C'mon, you can afford THAT, right? STILL not what you were looking for? OK, OK, she also has $250 fire extinguishers and $130 automatic joint rollers ... who knows, the two may go hand in hand! For the full line of this out of control ridiculousness, head over to her aptly named Ridiculous But Awesome Gift Guide:



     More tomorrow ... AFTER I find my other wallet!

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