Tuesday, December 14, 2010

K.A.C. - T - 11 Days ...

     Have you been inundated this year with Christmas cards? We haven't and probably won't be anymore --- not only is it getting to be prohibitively expensive, the trend nowadays (to save money) is to send online greetings. Long, long ago however, cards were an expected staple of the season - the more inventive folks made their own cards. Case in point: the card to the left was made for director Cecil B. deMille from 1957 ... you can get the whole humorous story behind this card, as well as other vintage cards from Walt Disney and his animators (such as Ward Kimball below left) at this site!


     Worried that your last-minute shopping is nowhere NEAR done? Need some one-of-a-kind suggestions? Then check the three links below - from books to DVDs, five-POUND Gummi Bears to Wampa Throw Rugs and everything else in between (including a very sweet Bettie Page statue), there's something for almost everybody on your list ...

          ... and if none of that is good enough, then there's the follow-up to last years' Millenium Falcon bed ... the Star Wars Tie Fighter bed. The good news? It's about as rare as can be. The bad news? It costs $ 16,000 !!!!! If you know a fool and his/her money, then by all means forward them this link!


     Enough of the greed and selfishness of the season ... let's get back to good old-fashioned ... family ... valu .... OMG, IS THAT A MONKEY ??? Ummm, yes, actually ... and it's here to get your attention as part of the Christmas Gallery in Awkward Family Photos ... give it a look! 


     On that note, we are done here for the day --- come back tomorrow as we begin our final Top Ten countdowns! 

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