Wednesday, December 1, 2010

K.A.C. - T - 24 Days ...

     It’s Reader Submission Day here at the K.A.C. – so thanks in advance to all of you who have sent things in – here we go!


     Need a last-minute gift for that special ‘hard to clean’ guy in your life? How about THESE shower products? For the REAL 'manly man', there's The Shower Hammer, Bad Ass Aromas and my personal favorite, the Gladiator Genie Soap!

     You’ve seen those houses that have the million and one lights which are synchronized to play to Christmas carols, right? The ones that cause brownouts in the neighborhood for the month of December, not to mention causing backed-up traffic on the street by gawking tourists? Brother, consider yourself lucky! You could be dealing with THIS!



STILL too tame for you? Then how about attending a production of A KLINGON CHRISTMAS CAROL? That's right, puny human, an intergalactic holiday THROWDOWN! Read all about it:

      Seems only fair to have the Federation represented here, as well --- equal time and all, you know.


      Finally, if you're planning on taking a kid to see Santa this year, why not go for the best? Don't waste your time with those bargain basement, no-nothing Santas! No, sir, you want a SPECIAL Santa for your kid - only the best will do! Like what? Like a newly-minted graduate from Santa School!  Seriously, you didn't think they would have something like this by now? In case you feel your higher education is sadly lacking, here's the enrollment info:

Tomorrow: Our Annual ‘Guess the Holiday Hotties’ contest – we’ve got all new pics to stump you with!

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