Thursday, December 16, 2010

K.A.C. - T - 9 Days ...

     We're down to the final nine of the K.A.C. and the last minute entries are arriving fast and furious. How fast? As fast as this cute little UFO here! Thanks to Mark R. for that!

     When Santa gets tired of the whole sleigh and reindeer bit, there's always this! 10,000 lights for only $1,000 ... and we'll throw in the firetruck for free! :) The FIRETRUCK, you say? Oh, yes ...

      Finally, if you are REALLY fed up with the whole shopping madness and all the rest of this SH**, then the Holiday Crapping Elf is for you! No, this is NOT a Photoshop - he's real (click on the photo for a bigger version of him). He's known as a Caganer and is the 'traditional Christmas decoration of Catalonia, Spain'. Finally, something SO weird even I couldn't make it up! :) We've actually covered ... or uncovered ... or covered up ... hmmm... WRITTEN ABOUT the Caganer before in these posts, but you can learn more about this fine fellow by following the link! A shout out to Emily for this find! Well done!

     That's it! Come back tomorrow for more!

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