Thursday, December 23, 2010

K.A.C. - T - 2 Days ...

     Today we wrap up our '13 Strangest Christmas Shorts' competition with  1963's 'A Visit To Santa' ... I don't know where to begin here, there's just SO much wrong! Is it Santa's naugahyde chair and shag rug at the North Pole (?) or his disturbing 'elves' or his thinly-disguised department store 'Toyland'? Maybe it's the 'Santa Rocket' or the toys he shows Dick and Ann, especially the girls' toy section, where Santa espouses this gem, "she'll cook and scrub the whole day long, then serve a TV dinner ". Wow. There's more, MUCH more, so if you've managed to see the other twelve shorts we've put up here, I think you're ready for this ... ready? Deep breath ... go to the good place and ... hit play!

     Tomorrow: we say goodbye with one final entry ... and we've saved the best (and spookiest) for last! Be there as we wrap up the K.A.C. for 2010! 

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