Friday, December 15, 2017

K.A.C. 2017 - T - 10 ...

     With only ten days to go, we turn our peepers to those wooly warmers that keep both the chill and good taste away - this year's batch of ugly Holiday Sweaters! Once again, Britain takes the lead with the world's worst jumpers (what they call sweaters in the UK). 

     A number of years ago, this wasn't even a thing - now, Ugly Christmas Sweaters are a global phenomenon, with offices and schools having yearly competitions over who can come up with the worst designs. I only gave in once to the madness to purchase my Krampus sweater (still the warmest piece of clothing I own and one I wear all winter, not just at Christmastime), so I can justify its existence. Consider these bad boys, though - brought out maybe ONCE a year for display and then put away again, never to be seen until the following year. If your tastes change, then what? Foist them off to Goodwill? Actually, the one here on the BU campus WOULD be a great place to drop them off, as the students would probably fight to the death for some of these designs. Truth to tell, I would love the Godzilla sweater at the beginning of this entry ... but they don't have it in my size. :(  It's always the way. So without further ado, let's start with the Sun's roundup of this year's stellar entries:

      Not to be outdone, the Tech Geeks have rallied with their OWN 'cryptocurrency' sweaters ... but you still have to PAY for them in old-fashioned cash! The link below tells you all you need to know (as well as shows you even more designs):    

           But the winner this year HAS to go to the primary school who sent out in their newsletter a notice to parents to have their youngsters come in with their Most Special Jumpers for Christmas Charity Day. The only problem? They didn't look QUITE closely enough at the sweater they used to illustrate the day itself ... and then the reindeer poop hit the fan! Rather than spoil the surprise, I'm going to let you click the link below and just imagine how well this all went down: 

    Last but not least, we just had our own Ugly Holiday Sweater contest here at BU where I work and here's a link to the fine selections. Sadly I didn't hear about this in time, since I would have gladly represented in all my Krampus finery for the occasion - but take a look at who was there!

     Coming Tomorrow: Ashes to Ashes, Ornaments to Ornaments ... and that's not the STRANGEST tale we've got - see you then!

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