Tuesday, December 12, 2017

K.A.C. 2017 - T - 13 ...

     Welcome back! How did you do on our Kwiz from yesterday? Let's find out - the answers were:

# 1 - Bettie Page 

# 2 - Glenn Ford

# 3 - Idris Elba (also seen in the cartoon at left)

#'s 4, 5 and 6 - Bill Murray, Miley Cyrus and George Clooney

# 7 - Mary Tyler Moore

# 8 - Jane Fonda

# 9 - Jayne Mansfield

     # 10 - Ryan Gosling

     # 11 - Elizabeth Taylor

     # 12 - Robert Vaughn


     Tired of the tinsel? Pissed off about the pine needles? Had it with the holly? Don't want to deal with the crowds, the driving, the bickering over which tree is the Exact Right One, year after year? Have we got a solution for you! Chuck it all and get with the new, hot trend sweeping the nation - introducing Ladder Trees! No, I'm not making this up! Get with the hip, hot, new way to get your inner Kringle on for the holidays - no muss, no fuss, easy to set up and break down ... and it's good for the environment! Just take a stepladder, open it up, put boards of varying lengths across the midsection and you're ready to decorate! I'm rather partial to this entry, if only because their 'star' in top is a movie projector (which is rather brilliant, if you stop and think of it, as it would throw a bright light across your room ... and you could show Christmas movies!) - or as one article put it, it's a 'minimalist hipster's tree'.  :)

     Just to make sure you get the WHOLE gamut of choices available out there for ladder tree possibilities, I'm including links to TWO separate articles with plenty of picture ideas - what's that, you say? You only have a single ladder, not one that folds out? Fear not, we can even show you how to turn THAT into a tree - read on!



       If the whole minimalist tree jag is getting you down and you feel you're STILL not connecting to the whole Christmas season one on one, or that you need to make a more 'personal statement' on where you stand for the holidays, then step right up! Why stop with hipster trees when you can be at the forefront of this years' OTHER new trend? CHRISTMAS TREE EYEBROWS! (I'm tellin' ya, folks, as we get closer to the Big Day and I scour the Internet, some days these articles just write themselves!) - go the extra mile with these Santa Superciliums! Need inspiration for how to gussy up YOUR face? That's what we're here for - click below to 'brow'-ze:



     Coming Tomorrow: Put on your galoshes and your best slicker - we're heading across the Pond to once again visit Santa's Grotty Grottos in the UK. It's an annual phenomenon that never fails to amaze me and it goes Horribly Wrong Every Single Year! Come join us and look on in horror as these Holiday Hellions put the 'Blight' in 'Old Blighty'!


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