Tuesday, December 19, 2017

K.A.C. 2017 - T - 6 ...

     Six days to go! In the spirit of keeping everyone safe for the holidays, we dedicate today's entries to those watchdog organizations out there.

     And speaking of dogs, first up is the 'Holiday F-Dog' - watch the video and just THINK how impressed the new parents are going to be that you got this for their newborn!


     Next is this article from the SUN about six ... umm, shall we say, 'love disasters' that can strike when you get TOO frisky. We're not talking about slipping in the shower or a hickey under the mistletoe - we're talking Life Threatening Disasters! From burst eardrums to strokes to ... what the broken banana at right represents, take a deep breath and read why the holidays may be the most DANGEROUS time of the year!


     Remember, it's not just the BODY that suffers this time of year - the BRAIN starts to go psychotic over the constant Christmas music! Just ask Santa Fluff at left ... or read this report:


      Finally today, we leave you with the Worst Toys of the Year ... these creations leave even F-Dog above speechless! The photo at right should give you a good idea just WHAT you are about to ... get ... into ... ahem ... never mind, just click the link already!



     Tomorrow: The Final Five begins!

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