Thursday, December 14, 2017

K.A.C. 2017 - T - 11 ...

     The tiny tots at left are here to let you know breaking news: we have a SECOND scrumptious (?) batch of Christmas Food Fails for you to peruse, with everything from Candy Cane Pizza (YUCK!) to Brussels Sprouts gin and tonic to ... say, just what the Hell IS that thing below, anyway? You'll find the answers here:

     But don't let those Food Fails stop you - there's always someone, somewhere who sees these horrors and says, "Hold my beer", and tries to top them all - in this case, it would be more appropriate to say, "Hold my pint". Pub owner John McGinn of The Fens has the locals up in arms over his newest Christmas pudding confection - not because of the look or the taste - no, because of the name! How bad can it be, you ask? Would you believe ... Santa's Dick? Read on!

     Moving away from all things consumable, we return to all things wearable. Yesterday we covered this year's new trend of Christmas Eyebrows ... well, it HAD to happen - why stop there, when you've got all that OTHER real estate all over your face that needs attention? Ladies and gentlemen, presenting ... Christmas LIPS! For more examples of how to make sure you're ready under the mistletoe for some memorable holiday osculation, go here!


     You know who could really use those Christmas Eyebrows and Lips? This poor university student Kelsey Hall who lost a bet and now has to dress up as a Christmas Tree for the rest of the semester! The moral of this story is be careful what you wish for! Read all about her plight below:


     Coming Tomorrow: Only 10 more days to go! The days are flying by and it's getting colder out - what better time to look at this year's collection of Horrible Christmas Jumpers (Sweaters to you), including one that went viral in a school's newsletter and caused a horrible ruckus ... bundle up and come back tomorrow!


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