Friday, December 22, 2023

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1973 - Listen, my children, and you shall hear, a tale of Christmas, a tale of fear ... or shall you? Debate has raged for decades about the biggest boxoffice hit of the year, THE EXORCIST. Is it or is it not a Christmas film? Would it surprise you that is answer is both Yes AND No? Demonic forces at work? Not at all - we went to the message boards and got it hashed out (with my favorite comment about the film, "From Tubular Bells to Jingle Bells...")- the answer can be found below (thankfully not THAT far below!):

"Is Santa SUPPOSED to sound like that on the roof???"

     More on the film as director William Friedkin looks back on it: 

     I visited the 'Exorcist Home' exterior when I was a teenager and the end scene is a fine piece of Hollywood trickery. When Father Karras (Jason Miller) (spoilers) takes the demon inside himself and hurls himself out the window and down the long flight of stairs to his death, it looks like the stairs are right below the window. In real life, there's a HUGE yard in between that window and the stairs! Maybe Pazuzu was a long-jumper ...

     Regardless, with shenanigans like that going on in the neighborhood, it's sure to bring the property values down. Want to know what ELSE does during the holiday season? Hop in your car and cruise the neighborhood to see how many of these signs you see: 

     Only two more to go - cutting this short, 'cause the movers are here!

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