Monday, December 18, 2023

K.A.C. 2023 - T - 07 Days ...


1969 - Longtime readers can be forgiven for mistaking this picture as one from Ye Humble Curator's youth. Sadly not, but I admire this lad's dedication to the role and the show! I do actually have both Dark Shadows board games, including the one this young vampire is proudly displaying - maybe he opened his presents at night. And speaking of presents ...

     Remember a few days ago when we were relating the tale of the obscure Beatles' Christmas tune? Turns out they weren't the only ones ... read and sample the even MORE forgotten-to-history warblings from Pink Floyd (I know, right?) below! 

     The lyrics (such as they are) can be found in the comments section below the YouTube video link.



     Want to take a guess who our 'flower child' is at left? Would you believe The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come (known here as The Ghost Of Christmas Future)? It's true - this is part of the reason it's so hard to describe the '60s if you didn't live through them! 😁 For a closer look at him and his other interpretations through the years, read our referenced article below, 'The Ghosts of Christmas Yet to Come, ranked by freakiness':

     Pink Floyd, The Beatles and all the rest are fine, but with one week to go before the Big Day, there's only ONE piece of music long time K.A.C. fans want to hear today, and here it is - just like our annual stalwart visit from Krampus and our yearly Kringle's Khristmas Kuties Kwiz, you can ALWAYS count on a visit from Hardrock, Coco and Joe on December 18th in these pages. Why? Because to many, young and old alike, THIS is the official Countdown to Christmas - for the uninitiated, read on, then open yourself to this holiday earwig. You might as well put it on a loop now, 'cause it won't be leaving your brain anytime soon!

     Another decade down - come back tomorrow as we groove through the '70s!

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