Thursday, December 7, 2023

K.A.C. 2023 - T - 18 Days ...


     1958 - HEY! MOM! ROBOT HANDS! Years before he was invented, kids could dress up as Iron Man thanks to the Sears annual Wish List Christmas catalog. Young me would have loved them, terrorizing Mom's poodle, knocking over stuff left and right while laughing maniacally in a twisted 'robot' voice ... what do you mean, "that's probably why you didn't get them"? Well, that and I was only 1 at the time, but still ... SNAZZY! 

     Want to see more? Of COURSE you do! Take a gander below at what the other 'must have' '58 items were below: 


     Surprisingly, the one toy that WASN'T featured was the one that became the craze of the year. It was first seen in the wilds of Australia in '57, then mass marketed by WHAM-O to American kids in '58. The Strong National Museum Of Play website has the whole story. My favorite line from the report? 'Factoyd: Japanese officials banned public Hula Hooping in the 1950s, believing it incited impropriety.' Read on about the (Tasmanian) Devil's Hip Hurler below: 


      Don't believe me what a juggernaut hula hoops were? No other toy up to this time had such an avalanche of competitions, TV appearances and records galore. For the whole story of these spinning platters (the records, not the hoops), check out the Music Weird link here: 







     We'll end today's entry with a look at the first (AND BEST) of this years' UK holiday ads. Back in 2019, John Lewis won that contest with Excitable Edgar - for a refresher on him, click here: 


     Wouldn't you know it? John Lewis wins AGAIN with an even more outlandish (and touching) ad. Introducing for 2023, Snapper, the Christmas Venus Fly Trap, who's also a perfect Christmas Tree! Watch the ad below, followed by an article about the ad, then one about the growing fanaticism for the Real Thing! And if you don't think crowds in the UK aren't already going crazy for the Snapper plush, you're new here. Don't worry: the link to get yours is below, as well - all part of the services we provide at the K.A.C. - no, no don't thank us, you're welcome! Aww, now we're blushing (and secretly ordering one for ourselves). 

      We wrap up the '50s tomorrow with a look at 1959 - don't miss it!








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