Sunday, December 10, 2023

K.A.C. 2023 - T - 15 Days ...

1961 - Hope you're hungry! Today we look back at Vintage Holiday Food, like Frosty The Slaw Man here. We not only show you these Culinary Catastrophes, we've also included the recipes so you can make it yourself and be the Hit Of The Party! Or maybe that's supposed to read, "Be hit AT the party" - one of those; my eyes aren't what they used to be.

     In addition to Frosty, there's the Christmas Snow Salad and the Very Merry Party Loaf (I can GUARANTEE you it is NOT - just look at the ingredients!) - take a few Tums and head on over for your Christmas catering ideas:


     And where are you going to host this bash? Why, where else but your brand-spanking new 1961 HOME FALLOUT SHELTER! Every homeowner was looking how to finance one of these bad boys, in case the Russians decided to pull the trigger in the midst of the Cold War. JFK even sent a message out to the people of America in LIFE magazine saying it wasn't just a good idea, it was a patriotic and civic duty. But no pressure ... below are a number of articles and photos of how we all THOUGHT we were going to survive Doomsday - be Very Glad none of this came to pass! 

      Should you want something cheerful to watch while you're sweating Armageddon out, what could be more appropriate than Moose & Squirrel & Boris & Natasha? In '61's 'Topsy Turvy World', Boris decides to become the new Santa Claus because ... oof, you know what, this is too convoluted even for us! We'll let the folks over at the Hub Pages take it from here: "“Topsy Turvy World” is a 14 part serial adventure from the end of the Bullwinkle Show’s third season. It starts off with Professor Werner Von Beige discovering that the North Pole has become so top-heavy with ice that the world is about to dramatically tilt, putting the new North Pole somewhere in the equator. Boris hatches a plot to take the island of Riki Tiki, which set to become the Earth’s New North Pole, and make himself the new Santa Claus, stealing rather than giving. However, after saving the Professor, as well as Captain Peachfuzz, from the natives of Riki Tiki, Rocky and Bullwinkle come up with an idea to fix the situation. Rocky and Bullwinkle do a telethon from the island, asking everyone in the world to send their ice. They succeed and the world is tilted back into place, putting the North Pole at the north again (and ending the real Santa’s tropical vacation)."  Whew - well, THAT made perfect sense! I forgot how crazed these shows were - reacquaint yourself with this pun-filed wonder from your youth, or you young pups can see for the first time why we oldsters loved this show so much!

     Back tomorrow this a look at 1962.

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