Wednesday, December 6, 2023

K.A.C. 2023 - T - 19 Days ...


     1957 - Bypassing the 'dung twig' and Christmas Island, we turn our attentions to Chandler, Arizona, and their annual 30 foot tall Christmas Tumbleweed Tree. It's a decades-long tradition that began this year and you can read all about it below: 


     This year was of special note in the history of the K.A.C. as it heralded the arrival of a certain towhead at right, whose job it was to search the world over for ridiculous Christmas stories and articles, to mount a one-man crusade of spreading Christmas Cheer in an increasingly unhappy world. Heaven only knows how long he was left there alone (it was a different time), mesmerized by the twinkling (hot) lights, watching the tinsel and ornaments, hearing the soothing voice of Father Tree quietly tell him his mission in life. He looks thrilled, right? Well, somebody's gotta do it - and speaking of cheer, check this out!

     As Wikipedia states, "The December 1957 News and Views published by the Church League of America, a conservative organization founded in 1937, attacked the use of Xmas in an article titled "X=The Unknown Quantity". This is just one of DOZENS of Christmas Controversies in history around the globe. From The War On Christmas to everything from dates to 'Family Trees' to alternative greetings (we're looking at YOU, Happy Holidays!), there's a lot to unpack below. Grab some eggnog and settle in - let the fights begin!


     We end today's entry with a look back at Whoville, which debuted this year AND in 1954! How is that even possible, you ask? Time travel - it's right in the NAME, man! Is there a TARDIS involved in the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey answer below, or is it because of a different Doctor? Click to find out: 

     Back tomorrow with a trip through 1958. See ya!

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