Wednesday, December 13, 2023

K.A.C. 2023 - T - 12 Days ...


     1964 - Make haste, make haste! Only a dozen shopping days left ... does anybody even DO Mall Madness shopping anymore? I think 75% or more of people do all their shopping online now. 







     Snowball War - Man Down! We're about to unleash Hell on those of you who adore this Rankin-Bass classic from '64, as we start today with Alicia Betz's article, 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Is a Terrible Story, and you Can't Convince Me Otherwise' (below) - hey, we just report 'em. Come at me, Claus!


     How did you do on yesterday's quiz? Santa's Seven Serfs (ummm) were:

    1). Patty Duke

    2). The Beach Boys (and THAT CAR!)

    3). Bill Clinton

    4). Have no clue, honestly, but they're getting their photo with Sammy The Snowman, beloved by all this time of year. While Sammy had fame and fortune during December and January, bringing smiles to young and old alike, by the end of February, those smiles were turned to icy daggers from their eyes, saying, "Why are YOU still here?" It wasn't Sammy's fault that they wanted Spring and were done with Winter, he was just the one who overstayed his welcome. So Sammy would go off to an island for the other nine months, living in solitude and wondering if it was all worth it and if he would go back next year or not ... but he loved his public and couldn't disappoint them, so he always did. And that's the story of Sammy The Snowman. The End. What? Oh, Sammy says those nice boys were a 'rock group' called 'The Beatles' - huh.


5). The One, The ONLY - Lee Liberace. Since the Curator keeps popping up more and more in these entries this year, just like Clive Cussler does in the novels ... written by CLIVE CUSSLER, here is his 2010 entry of the time he MET the legend (Liberace, NOT Cussler) - and the autograph that came of it:

     As an aside, here's Lee as Santa from one of legendary Christmas parties (this photo is from 1969), with Johnny Mathis on the right and The Fabulous Fay McKay in between them - Fay is all but forgotten now, but she was a long-featured comedienne and entertainer on the Las Vegas Strip and was Liberace's opening act (see photo at right). Those of you who are old enough to remember the humor of Foster Brooks will enjoy her rendition of the '12 Daze Of Christmas' - be warned: this is NOT for everybody! This was her signature song in Vegas lounges for decades, so I've included a number of versions of it, including one of her doing it live, plus an interview with her on the Mike Douglas show during the week that Liberace was co-hosting from 1970. Fay's segment is at the 42:30 segment of the show - she had obviously done the song on the show, but it's not in this video. Watch her segment - heck, watch the ENTIRE show! Mike Douglas always had the most amazing guests that you would rarely see anywhere else. Part of his charm in getting big stars to co-host for a week was that they got to pick one guest each day - on this day, in addition to Fay, Lee's guest was Little Richard. It makes for a mesmerizing hour. Anyway, give a listen to multiple versions of Fay's famous tune, the '12 Daze Of Christmas' - but first, take a quick stop at A Christmas Yuleblog to give yourself an idea what you're about to hear:

     6). Catherine Deneuve

     7). Laura & Rob Petrie, aka Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke, seen here in their meta-Christmas '63 special episode of The Dick Van Dyke show, a strangely surreal break from their usual fare - quite funny, as well! Watch it in full here:  

     Back tomorrow with a look at 1965 - this concludes our broadcasting for today.

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